Do you want your cookies to stay fresh for longer?

Do you want your cookies to stay fresh for longer?

You ordered delicious giant cookies to satisfy your cravings, and they arrived warm and fresh. You take a bite, and it starts melting in your mouth with a burst of flavors. The first bite told you that it’s everything you wanted! However, you ordered plenty and begin to wonder, ‘there is no way this cookie will taste as delicious tomorrow as it is today,’ but you cannot make enough room in your tummy for another cookie (because you already ate too many).

If you have been through the same scenario, there is no need to waste those yummy cookies. We have some tips and tricks that’ll keep your cookies fresh for longer!

Store the cookies in an airtight jar

Rather than storing your cookies in a plastic bag or in the packaging in which they arrived, transfer your leftovers into an airtight jar or container. Glass or plastic containers that you usually put your leftover meals in will work fine for cookies too. Storing the cookies far away from the air helps preserve their freshness crunchiness and keep them better for a longer time.

Do not forget the bread

This tip may seem a bit out of the box—but honestly, it works like magic. In an airtight container, place a slice of fresh bread. It works in a way that the moisture from the bread piece makes its way through the cookies, keeping them moist, soft, and tasting as enjoyable as they did the day before.

Keep the cookies cool

The cookies will only stay fresh in a dry and cool place, such as your pantry’s back shelf. Depending on the variety, they will last anywhere from some days to weeks.

You can also freeze your cookies for up to six months. To thaw your frozen cookies, take them out of the freezing jar and place them individually on a baking sheet until their temperature measures the same as room temperature. You can also revive the cookies in a 325ºF oven for two to three minutes, and this way, they’ll be crispy and crunchy again.

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