Please ensure that the address that was entered at shipping is the correct address that your kookiez will be shipped to. We are not responsible for kookiez being delivered to incorrect addresses. If you notice the address you entered is inaccurate, contact to request a change immediately. 

We are not responsible for any packages once UPS takes them. All kookiez are packaged in perfect condition (in tact and fresh). We have no control over packages once they are out of our hands (tracking, delivery, or any further questions).

*This also includes pests getting into packages. They are packaged fresh and in a sanitary environment. Please be mindful of the summer weather. If you do not want the risk of pests getting into packages, ensure someone is home to collect the package from UPS upon delivery.

Please contact UPS with questions on your shipment. If there is a shipping issue, these should also be taken up with UPS. If a package is lost, please file a claim through UPS. Each package is insured. We are not responsible for lost or tampered packages.

Please keep an eye on the delivery date of your kookiez. It is summer time in Florida, and leaving a package outside for extended periods of time is not recommended.

Thank you in advance!